‘Aquarium Strength’ Aquatic Barley Straw Extract

Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is the natural eco-friendly way to limit new algae growth in Aquariums, fish tanks and water features.

‘Aquarium Strength’ Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is a highly concentrated extract which can be applied quickly & easily to prevent new algal growth. Simply pour the liquid straight into your affected water and watch the algae disappear!

‘Aquarium Strength’ Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is perfect for cleaning any type of algae in a natural, eco-friendly and safe way. Its safe to use, non-toxic to humans, fish & pets and will not affect aquatic plants. Use it to prevent algae in household fish tanks and elaborate aquarium filter systems without any harm.

The Extract of Barley Straw is a new product, derived from traditional remedies for controlling algae by use of barley straw bales. Being the liquid extract of Barley, it is highly concentrated and begins to work quicker than decomposing Aquatic Barley Straw Bales.

‘Aquarium Strength’ Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is made from all natural, 100% Australian grown organic barley, which is harvested, processed and distributed by Australian operated companies.


Aquarium Strength’ Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is best applied before algae appears as it works best as an algae growth suppressant, limiting new algae.

It’s ideal for use immediately after a fish tank or aquarium clean & re-fill or prior to algae fist appearing.

Tip container upside down to gently mix, measure the required amount of product (please see below) and pour directly into the water.

Application Rates:

For indoor Fish Tanks & Aquariums – Apply at a rate of 5ml/50 litres of water & re apply every 2 weeks.

For water with high turbidity, or poor water clarity apply an additional 20% more product, until clarity improves.

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